Rob Anderlik

Swampy blues, church hymns, bluegrass & instrumental soundtrack music form the basis of Rob’s approach to playing dobro & Weissenborn guitar. “I grew up in Chicago, which is hardly the epicenter of the bluegrass world, but is well known for the blues. Once I discovered the dobro and Weissenborn guitar I was hooked. The vocal quality of playing with a steel combined with the lack of teachers where I lived both inspired me and forced me to develop my own style and approach to the instrument.” Shortly after switching from guitar to dobro & Weissenborn Rob was welcomed into the bluegrass/acoustic music scene in Chicago and has developed a solid reputation as one of the top players in the area. Rob is a frequent collaborator with players in a variety of musical genres and maintains an active schedule of gigs and studio projects in the Chicago area.–otto—church.html

Rob Anderlik, Pat Otto & Mike Church have combined their talents in a new project that explores the intersection of bluegrass, blues and rock music. Their live shows feature extended jams and plenty of hot licks, but never at the expense of the melody of the song. And while the band respects its musical roots, it manages to bring something fresh and new to their arrangements of tunes that range from the Allman Brothers to Bill Monroe & Pink Floyd.
With a broad range of musical interests and the chops to back it up, the band can easily switch gears to entertain audiences at traditional bluegrass and jam band festivals to corporate events and weddings.