Take time to unwind and enjoy the sweet sounds of live bluegrass music all day long on Saturday and Sunday. Pickers welcome! Bring your own instrument to jam with others, or sign up for the open mic and jam sessions.


Discover your joy! Join us on Saturday night for a real square dance under the stars with caller Paul Tyler and music by the all-girl bluegrass band Glass Mountain


Experience the benefits of cultivating your own honey at the Stonehouse Farm Hive. Local raw honey has been known to relieve allergies, and other ailments, while the act of beekeeping itself, is sure to nourish your soul.


Stonehouse Farm has 37 acres and plenty of space to pitch your tent. A centrally-located shower house has bathroom sinks with running water, flush toilets, and spacious showers with plenty of hot water.

Inexpensive tent rentals are available, or consider reserving a glamping tent—large tents pitched for you and equipped with twin air mattresses, bed linens, and a Coleman lamp.

Not a camper? Make yourself at home in one of our cozy yurts with beds. Each yurt is equipped with a variety of amenities to ensure that your stay is comfortable and memorable!

Other options include renting a tiny house or a furnished 24' camper for the weekend.

 Visit www.stonehousefarm.com for more information.


Take advantage of Stonehouse Farm’s staple offerings that include free daily classes in yoga and meditation, and bodyworks on site for individual massages in our Massage Cabin. Together we’ll seek balance and practice mindfulness through body awareness, meditation, and ceremony.


Strengthen your bond with the earth. Together, we’ll learn how to cultivate a more sustainable lifestyle through the art of organic gardening, permaculture, foraged wild plants, and cultivating herbs that heal.


Share your skills or discover new approaches in workshops with homesteaders sharing their expertise: organic gardens, essential oils, natural dyes, tiny homes, electric cars, solar energy, composting toilets, raising bees, caring for chickens, starting fires without matches!

Schedule of Homesteading Workshops

Bios of Homesteading Workshop Presenter Bios